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Hey! Yeah, you! Hope you're good.

Got some really funky stuff coming on this site and in collaboration with loads and loads of awesome indie producers, DJs, artists, singers, unsigned bands and anyone who has anything to do with music - we want to showcase it here with regular shows, features and live streams.


Buuuuutt... we also want to provide a place to come for lots of stuff like free songs, art, interviews, gaming stuff, chats and chits of all stripes.

We hand (ear?) pick the best tunes from all kinds of genres and TINY ads and jingles so the music doesn't stop.
Our passionate DJs and presenters are only matched by our friendly listeners and inclusive tastes.
BUT we only play the good stuff.
We imagined we were told to save the best tunes from each genre as if the world was about to end. No padding and nothing vanilla.
We Get Behind the Unsigned too with a delicious smorgasbord of raw, untamed, exciting bands and producers.



We also give a platform to silent voices; the folk who maybe find it hard to share their talents for various reasons. We do not believe that an artist with a physical, psychological or any other difference should be unable to access an audience. We look beyond perceived limitations and enable everyone the right to create and express in any way they can.
We are Sound Without Barriers.
Supporting new DJs and presenters is what we do best and the content on our site is fast growing into a breath taking world of music, blogs, interviews, videos, streams, podcasts and articles.
If you're not Pushing Back The Sofa three tunes in, we are doing something wrong.

Plug in your big speakers!

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A whole bunch of lovely people are chatting as they listen on our social page. Come and meet the gang!


So, you will hear all sorts of music and content in the Attic. We are giving our DJs and presenters absolute control over their shows and features.

Our auto playout set is always changing and is far from vanilla with a whole playlist of awesome tunes and nothing you could predict.

You might not like some of it.

But you will LOVE most of it.

The trick, is keeping it regular so it becomes part of your routine. If you don't like 90s Indie, then it's ok, we'll still be here when you come back for your favourite 80s show, or a pumping house mix from any number of guest DJs.

Fancy a live performance? We'll let you know when an unsigned artist has plugged in for a jam.



Good, we are looking for volunteer DJ/presenters to come on board brand new shiny wide-eyed and green around the edges Attic Radio. We have a schedule to fill and a modest gorgeous fan base already to welcome you with open arms and ears.
We are providing 100% creative control to DJs - we are NOT micromanagers or control freaks who think they know better than the artists and presenters.

We are NOT a profit model focused business.

The only thing we ask is that you are passionate, reliable and engage with our listeners in the chat page as they LOVE to comment and lark about with you.
Our motto is "far from vanilla" and we are hoping to get some interviews and post soundcloud, youtube etc links of artists to share and air especially unsigned bands and unique talents.

We get Behind the Unsigned and have a schedule to fill.



Kit wise - Attic is broadcast via and their voice tracker works but isn't the best. We prefer someone who can stream from their studio direct into our server as a live DJ. We have always prefered spont... spontan... sponta... working by instinct but hey, we am open to new ideas.


Get in touch, keep in touch, just... touch!

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