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It's fair to say that Attic founder Darren James has done the miles when it comes to DJing. Back in the 90s he went out as DJ Dayze during the UK's heady second summer of love and the explosion that was to become raving. He also held residencies all over the country and played for such luminaries as Euphoria Albums and Global for the best part of 30 years.

Getting together with old friend from "back in those days", Ian Graham, founder of clothing label and retro dance music revival specialists "Off Ya Boxes", the pair are soon to provide a Boxing Day celebration of those golden days in a one off event "Off Ya Boxing Day".

Ian also earned many stripes as a promoter and raver for over three decades and can include major acts and DJs as friends and colleagues. He started Off Ya Boxes a few years ago inspired by his collection of rave flyers; the largest in Europe (perhaps the world!)

Besides a growing rack of fashion designs, Off Ya Boxes specialises in old-school mix tapes, some of which incredibly rare, recorded at these mythical events back in the day and thought lost forever. Remastered and put onto USB, CD and digital download for re-listening or hearing for the first time.

"Ian is possibly one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding that era and has more experiences than many of his contemporaries, including stints in Ibiza", Darren tells us.

"To be fair, I am surprised he is still alive!"

Ian approached "The Lion" manager, Matty about the event and his idea for inviting some of his old friends down to spin some of those incredible tunes - and on real vinyl too!

Matty was already nodding before Ian had even finished his pitch.

"We're talking anthems... BIG anthems plus all those awesome tunes that remained underground yet had people singing along with their hands in the air and hugging during the breakdowns."

It was then that Darren was asked to co host the party with a stint on the turntables - his connection with The Lion goes back to his first tentative steps behind the decks in the 90s when the bar was then known as "Fridays"; a legendary venue known for its capacity shattering nights and sweaty walls.

"It then occurred to me that Attic could get more involved with OYB and broadcast the night live on air; drunken mixing and crowd chaos included", Darren says, "We're hoping to provide a dance music history lesson as DJs and promoters who were there!"

Huge tunes through the eras from the early Detroit techno and house sound of the 80s, to the 90s emergence of hardcore, progressive techno, and deep house, and the 00s golden era of euphoric trance will be pumping through a boosted system with the anthems being specially curated to avoid the predictable and the mundane.

So, Boxing Day, at the Lion in Daventry (UK) this free party reunites Ian, Darren and a whole team of old school heroes, including Fantazia resident, Spencer Taffs, a rare set from Ian himself, Matty B, and local heroes Dan and Nige, for a genuine taste of rave nostalgia... and Attic radio will be broadcasting the whole event, back to back, from 7pm GMT (ish).

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