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Attic Radio's afternoon show, Coles at the Controls will be introducing two new featured artists this week. Starting with London based Singer/Songwriter Abi Mia, who has currently released six amazing singles since 2020, with the debut solo "Fly Your Way" and has also had fantastic singles including "Enough is Enough", "Checking In" and "This Life".

A truly gifted, talented and creative artist with an amazing voice to be included with the Attic family.

Would also like to introduce an 80's synth tribute group named SYNTHANASIA, who currently have recreated all the best sounds of the 80's into the modern day, with excellent vocals, instruments and of course synths!

So will be looking forward to including their music into the shows which is LIVE Monday to Fridays from 4 to 6pm.

To find out more about our new artists click on the links below!

Abi Mia- Singer/Songwriter

SYNTHANASIA- 80's Synth Tribute

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