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Crying Out...

It's been two weeks and three days since anybody asked me if I was okay, It's been six months and one week since my happy feelings were out of reach, I'm just a girl, I'm not asking for any sympathy, I am a curse, I'm like a broken teenager symphony.

I last recognised my smiling face when a loving home was my happy place, Now a shadow behind my own reflection, Now a ghost telling my own confession,

A father, a cheater! A mother, a drinker! A sister, a user! Me... Just a loser.

I don't heal, I just hurt, Hurt for something, Scared to talk, Dare to be heard? I feel everything,

When I scratch my skin, I just want to forget the sadness, When I see the running blood, I start to become a little breathless, Drip... Drip...

I'm crying, I'm crying out!

I need holding, Need consoling,

Sitting alone, terrified! of what I might do next, I just can't talk!

I don't want them thinking I'm a pest, Maybe if I talk and open up I won't think of my last breath, I'm on the bathroom floor, red-stained clothes getting wet.

Let it go, It controls me, Let it go, It consumes me,

Still, I'm just a little girl, To become someone's world, I need to live and learn, To be brave, not masquerade.

So, please... Look my way, Ask if I'm okay, You never know, This might be my last day...


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