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When you think of "Blues" the mind usually conjures up images of dusty deserts, hot swamps, the deep south etc. But Turkish label Bone Union Records are flying the flag for proper blues with some incredible music straight from the heart of artists all over Eastern Europe.

Bone Union supports any musical efforts to improve the chances of exchange of blues and neighboring genres between Netherlands and Turkey.

The label aims to document a neglected musical scene in Turkey, not just by releasing archival material from mid-90’s to this date; but also by releasing brand new material from Turkish artists.

Black & Tan Records are committed to finding forgotten blues gems as well as representing brand new music.

Though the scope mainly consist rare recordings of local traditional blues, urban blues and gospel acts, the material varies wildly by inclusion of folk, funk, dub, noise and experimental releases, that goes way beyond the borders of conventional blues.

Solo acoustic recordings of Karatepe dating back to 2005 and 2006, “Hard Times” represents an era in Turkish city, Izmir; a city that rarely hosts a space for loyal performers of traditional blues forms.

Born and based in Lüleburgaz (a modest city, located on the Bulgarian Turkish border) since 2017, Karatepe is skilled in creating a silky liquid style while covering most known tunes of legendary names such as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Charles Brown, Big Bill Broonzy, and Ray Charles.

Here is the album in full, also available digitally to buy.

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