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Fear The Utopia...

Does nineteen eighty-four hang over us like a shadow, ready to drag us to the depths of despair while holding a gun to society?

Nothing feels real anymore!

Humanity is taking corruption and capitalism a step too far,

Dredging up greed, ego and rebirth from the dark.

Skyscrapers reaching a burning ceiling, Clouds bellowing from the matchsticks standing tall,

Ready for tower after tower to crumble and fall?

There's a battle between science and religion, and it may kill us all.

Fear the utopia,

A diseased euphoria,

Crawling through your skin,

A broken world of arachnophobia!

Living in a world of confusion, we're getting drip fed science and political pollution,

Houses of horror or houses of the lord, What does it mean within all this corruption?

Is the acid rain falling down and killing the crops?

Are we the crop?

Is it humanity they're taking advantage of?

I don't believe it's only me that's feeling lost.

Are we to be found?

Are we to voice a sound?

More knowledge to be accessed,

More slaughtered in the process?

Social barriers are rising,

There's less people smiling,

We react different in fearful situations,


Now we must speak out for consideration!

We are the struggle,

People need to listen,

Fear the utopia,

A diseased euphoria,

Crawling through your skin,

We are,

A broken world of arachnophobia!

©️ Wayne Stubbs


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