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Goodnight Grace...

Lovely healthy heartbeat, I can almost hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet, You have a strong baby in there; she's strong as an ox and made of steel, "Have you decided on a name for this little magic bean?" "Not yet, the time is flying, and everything just feels surreal."

The nursery is coming along; she's going to be the princess in her castle, When it's night, and she's restless, I'll be in the corner giving her a bottle, I will become the forgotten, but my life will be whole, as I breathe for her, As a loving mother I'll be brand new. It'll come naturally as I learn.

A bump in the night, something doesn't feel right, I don't feel the butterflies, My stomach isn't moving; my fears are looming; I quickly dialed 999, Rushed to hospital, I could hardly breathe, the nightmare running through my head, All I could think was them tiny little feet bouncing up and down on her new bed.

I was told she had lost her breath and that I would have to give birth, I can't comprehend what is happening to my precious little girl, I didn't have time to dream with her; she didn't wrap her hand around my finger, I didn't have time to feed her; I wanted a moment for her love to linger.

What I had in my arms was my flesh and blood; for now, I had a name, The time you were in me, your love I understood, my dear grace, With the tears of lost love rolling down my empty, vacant face, In my whole lifetime, I know I will never again feel such pain.

As my memory of her lives on, she was still my baby, and she'll never be forgotten, He took her too soon like a thief in the night, now rest, in your bright white coffin.

Goodnight grace...

(C) Wayne Stubbs.


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