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Hands Of Attrition

“No matter what life throws at you, ‘Solace’ can be found if you take the time to listen and take a break.” - Hands Of Attrition

Begging for solace, is to be released from the toxic bubble the modern age finds itself in. Birmingham Groove Metallers, Hands Of Attrition tackle the difficulties of living in a modern society and battling inner demons with their latest single Solace. The band formed in 2017 used a social app ‘Join My Band’ to find each other, after testing the waters the band got to work on writing and recording their first single which was released in 2019 alongside a performance at Beermageddon Festival as voted for by the Top Rock Radio listeners. The band drafted in Justin Hill (Sikth) to mix and help the band progress their sound. The lyrics to Solace have the devil pulling you into the fakeness and the angel showing you the truth, the solace. The band have said Solace is the two sides of the story, you have an entity sitting in the middle with the devil and an angel pulling from side to side.” The band wants to remind people that there is always something good around the corner and that within chaos, there can be positives. Dale Harrison, the bands drummer has said “Society is full of ups and downs and there is chaos in the 21st century amongst society, pulling you further into chaos and drowning your senses. This is present in social media and a society eager to correct each other and prove each other wrong, or be the keyboard warrior nobody needs. However if you pull away from the chaos and find your solace you can live a happy simplistic life.” The single is aided by a performance based music video with a visual storyline to support the depth and meaning that the lyrics hold. “We want people to make their own minds up about the theme for our music. The video offers viewers a way to dive further into giving their head a break from the distractions and finding time to seek their own solace.” The band are hoping that this single may help invoke a time to reflect for their fans. Hands Of Attrition recorded Solace themselves in their rehearsal studio, this was then mixed and mastered by Justin Paul Hill. The artwork was created by Nasty Metal Lyrics & Art and the music video was directed, shot and edited by Hands Of Attrition. The band's message within this song is no matter what life throws at you, Solace can be found if you take the time to listen and take a break. 2023 Dates: 01/04/2023 - The Arches, Coventry 21/04/2023 - The Hive, Rotherham 22/04/2023 - Duffys, Leicester 28/04/2023 - Paradiddle, Worcester 29/04/2023 - Caste and Falcon, Birmingham [Slaughterhouse Festival] Video Link:


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