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Happy Valentines...

It's been 55 years,

Your heart in mine,

My heart in yours,

You still look at me with love,

You still search my soul with the deepest of touch,

Tonight I confess,

It hasn't been a bed of roses, life has been tough,

As I sit opposite from you now, 55 years, with you I trust,

I couldn't believe my luck, when you shouted out my name,

I'll never forget all the fun times we've had in this place,

True love still exists, It's in us both, it'll never be missed,

As old as we feel, we're still up for a romantic kiss,

As we talk about the journey of life, I'm so happy I spent it with you, my wife,

The times I was out of work, but we lived and we learned,

The times you made me a happy father, when you gave birth,

Believe me when I say, you've made me the happiest man alive,

55 years on, you're still a warm kiss on a freezing cold night,

Let's finish off this beautiful wine,

Let's celebrate a happy Valentines,

To you my dear,

Let's dance...

©️ Wayne Stubbs.


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