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Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Truth


++ This is a very strong piece with a hard-hitting subject but needs to be challenged at any means necessary ++

Not everyone we can trust,

Evil in some, as they touch,

This might be so distasteful

Disgusting and hurtful,

But don't get showered with blind religion,

Darkness is in every manifestation,

Not all are monsters who dress in cloth,

But this sick paedophilia has to stop!

Religion is used as a tool for life's path,

Let's not allow these horrid figures to distract,

We all know that this is an unforgiven act,

And this is still happening, is this a fact?

Innocent children groomed and attacked,

Do as they say or you'll feel their wrath,

Some religions lay hidden grotesque,

This doesn't mean we should accept!

Human nature, what can we expect?

Morals, dignity, true meaning, decency,

Does all this lead back to Vatican City?

Where is our world order, to let this happen?

Controversial, freedom of speech,

Who are the right people to preach?

Why is it, people walk around with blinkers?

These would be imprisoned if they were killers!

Hear no evil?

See no evil?

Speak no truth?

(C) Wayne Stubbs.


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