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I Have Alzheimer's

Poetry - (C) Wayne Stubbs

Music - Christina Perry - A Thousand Years (no copyright intended)

I'm looking for a movie to replay,

A memory that I lived, the other day,

I can't seem to remember,

Though I remember my wife Heather,

She's still on the middle shelf of my mind,

There are gaps, where I want to relive,

I get confused and struggle to breathe,

My son told me, that he came yesterday,

I look at him, sometimes I forget his name,

I'm sure it's John,

Or is it Bob?

No, I remember I had a dog named that,

Yeah, John,

I'm sure?

I'm looking for a record, to play the soundtrack of my life,

I'm staring at a photograph of this woman, I'm sure she's my wife,

I can't remember the wedding bells nor our first dance,

Did I get married?

Did this lovely lady, even give this fool a chance?

I've got my ring on, I must've had that wonderful day,

Why can't I remember?

Everyday, I feel an aching pain,

I'm looking for a book, to read about the days of happiness,

There's too many missing, all the titles are filled with sadness,

I've got medals, from when I used to be a soldier,

I can still hear myself yelling, my name and number,

It's strange how this is engraved, but I forget about my son James,

He rang me up this afternoon, I'm not even sure if that was his name!

I'm looking for a brand new home, somewhere safe to stay,

I'm leaving doors open, I even forget when to wash and have a shave,

I ring the police three times a night, I'm just wondering about my loving wife,

I know, I can't live alone, day or night,

I know I forget, but I value my life,

So please,

If you see me,

I've made movies,

I've created music,

I've written pages throughout time,

Just care for me and give me a smile,

Remember, as I will forget,

I'm not one of those "old-timers"

I'm just a man with Alzheimer's...

(C) Wayne Stubbs.

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