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I Wanted A Husband...

It's getting dark, he'll not be long,

I'm shaking with fear, shall I run?

I hear the mumbling outside,

Asking neighbours for a fight,

I just know he's in a mood,

Tonight he's not amused,

In his grasp are fluorescent colours,

Night after night, it's me who he bullied!

I've just getting rid of my last bruises,

Distorted mirrored image looking back,

All this torture from a beast called Jack,

Clumps of hair I place in my dressing gown pocket,

My neck bloodied and cut from a once loved locket,

The photo inside is a black and white lie!

I was an innocent and beautiful bride,

So, as I heard the scraping of the key against the door,

Tears were rolling down my face, I didn't want to be hit anymore!

His voice was getting louder,

But, I was getting older,

I had life to live!

I had air to breathe!

I couldn't feel one more bruise,

Tonight I wasn't going to lose,

"Hello, is that the police?"

"Yes, how can we help?"

"I'm getting beat up"

I didn't want cemetery dying flowers,

I wanted a husband, not a drunken coward!

I wanted a husband,

I wanted to live...

(C) Wayne Stubbs.


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