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JAM-TAKO, a rock band from Tokyo Japan, formed in 2002.

The latest single, released December 2022, is called Breath.

They all met at high school.

The three band members are:

Akane Vocals

Miki Keyboards and Vocals

Jun Drums, Backing vocals, Guitar & Bass on recording.

JAM-TAKO’s music is so highly influenced by the 70’s~ modern rock music.

The band love R&R, Blues, Country, Folk, R&B etc, Deeply rooted by American traditional music.

Their music has unique characters, and once heard, it will bring energy to life and love!

JAM-TAKO won 2020 TC Indie Awards Best Band of the year!


On 27th March 2020, single ‘Deal in Nightmare(2020 Version)’ appeared.

October in 2020, New song ’SHINE ON’ released.

Decenver in 2020, New song ALWAYS 2021 Released.

February 2021, Land of Dream released.

May 2021, Jun a leader released EP From Tokyo To Flolida worked with major rocker Wyatt Pauley in Linear.

July 2021, EP Eternal released.

November 2021 Letter Single released.

July 2022, EP Tight Rope Walk released.

Oct 2022 Single See It's Rain released.

December 2022 Single BREATH release.


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