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Kingdom of Poets...

In a room,

They mask with imagination,

In a room,

They shower with inspiration,

Ride the delicate waves, provoking the mind,

Smile with voices of bravery and the poetic kind,

The people decorate with colour,

They paint words of wisdom across the ceiling,

Dripping down with wonder,

To the very souls, that walk with feelings,

To walk among morality,

To fly among reality,

We breathe,

We see,

We look out to the ocean of faces that want,

Want a meaning,

Want an existence, to the path they walk,




A memory, to the castle we call upon it,




The stage, a voice, a pistol microphone,

Pull the trigger!

Reel them into a belief,

A belief so pure, it breaks through the atmosphere,

So it tears through the sound of silence,

The weight it carries, is paramount!

The bullet travels to the psychedelic mind,

Within this room, it's compelling the blind,

We are kings!

We are queens!

We live poetic dreams...


Sleep now,

Sleep forever in the mist of a glowing majestic,

A nirvana of peace,

A nirvana of life,

A life from the forbidden fruits,

Dangle from the tree, hang with the crisp citrus taste,

Live a life with words and meaning,

Don't breathe, in fermented pain,

Grow with the world,

Pierce the bubble of uncertainty,

Evaporate into the winds of obscurity,

Challenge your thoughts!

Fight the way of thinking,

Is it natural?

Are you human?

Have we existence?

Where do we go from here?

Let's feel, without social fear!

Within this room,

We breeze,

We breeze through emotions,

Within this room,

We're free,

Free from the guilt, that we notion,

Let the voices drip,

Let the voices have a grip,

A grip of the people,

To change the fish, to swim again,

To change the way, we speak again,

To change the way we feel again,

To change,

To change!

Open the door,

Open the kingdom,

Open your mind,

To a poetic living,


In this room,

Just live...

(C) Wayne Stubbs.

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