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Hello everyone, it is such an absolute pleasure to be a DJ Presenter on this station, playing many genres of music and of course new and exciting upcoming artists who put so much well deserved effort and many hours into designing, re-producing, composing and vocalizing music, it's a minefield.

As well as being a DJ, in my spare time I still like to follow the passion of music, so this has resulted in designing my own sub-genre instrumental tracks. Which hopefully can develop and define it's own meaning in an obscure, unique way.

So far this year have released two albums, "Aleatory" and "Metro Spark", along with a series of genre defining EP's; 'Millennial', 'Dystopia, "Good Times, It's Alright" and "SOLSTICE".

LCLABS is a brand new audio company that specializes in fixing your audio problems - mastering, voice tracking, restoration, mixing, sound tracking, incidental music and lots more.


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