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My Darling Wife...

I've cried for six straight nights and I'm not running dry, I took the dog for a walk, looked at the church, and still, I cried, Slumped on the bench, this aching feeling felt harsh yet right, Looking at my own breath, staring at the moon like ice.

I'm so cold... I'm so cold...

I'm so cold but listening to the voices around, knowing life goes on, I'm so alone, looking at the chipped wood where you once sat upon, I'm still with you, rightly so, my home is where my heart is and I still live for you, I lay these flowers for you, just because I know that these, well... you loved.

My best friend,

My darling wife,

You were snatched way before your time, I read your diary that you left for me, and all I think of is every single line, By night my tears soak the pages, but by day for our daughters, we just smile, On blades of grass, you rest, but the aroma of your soul will linger like your fine wine,

To you sweetheart... To you sweetheart...

I will carry your love within me and remind people of your golden soul, I will dream for you when the lights are starting to fade, I know you're looking down wanting to hold my hand, but please, just wait, The girls have just started out, one day we'll both look down from the same place.

With contentment on our face, And happiness on their face, With love, they have been raised, In our perfect little way,

In our perfect way...

So, until I see you again,

To you sweetheart...

(C) Wayne Stubbs.


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