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My Soulmate

With weakened words,

This feeling really hurts,

Lost, frightened to move on,

Scared that I might forget you,

With the heaviest of hearts, now in pieces,

A forever love, now in histories hands,

But I want holding,

I want holding too,

From my friend,

My husband,

My soulmate,

Tomorrow is a day without breath,

I can't live without you,

I don't want to witness a world when I can't tell you what I saw,

I pray, that I'll see you again,

I pray, that I'll feel no more pain,

I never cherished your last kiss,

I never cherished your last words,

For I expected another,

The taste of your lips are fading,

My tears won't stop cascading,

I had a heart that was unbreakable,

Now, it's a mosaic unable to cradle...

(c) Wayne Stubbs.


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