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Kyunrealisticallyrealistic is a young talented artist who specialises in creating worlds filled with vibrant and colourful characters with rich back stories and personalities.

Even though the art is made in two dimensions, the backgrounds and stories behind each illustration have depths and layers that some would not be aware of.

Taking her ideas, Kyra likes to flesh out entire stories before putting pen to paper and moving pixels about.

Attic loves the fact that there is this hidden dimension to her drawings so decided to chat with her (and her mum) about her work.

Attic: OK so Kyra, can you tell me a but about your art, because it is quite unique and vibrant. How would you describe it? Kyra: Probably as cartoonish, but bright and story telling.

A: So did you want to be a cartoonist? Or is that something you still want to do; writing stories through illustrations in a comic?

K: Initially that’s what I wanted to do, but I developed a stronger passion for drawing instead of writing.

A: So what would be your dream with your work? K: Well I love seeing my illustrations published and being recognised for my own original art as well as my fankids and fan art. A: What medium do you work in? What is your preferred way of working? K: I prefer working in digital art, however, I do enjoy going back to my roots and getting my sketchbooks out. A: The characters that you come up with, do they take time to form or do you know what you're drawing before you start? K: My fankids are created from a mix of characters predetermined from either other sources through adoptions, other creators or inspirations. But my original art I take more time and research into developing them more, before actually drawing them. I look into backgrounds, profiles and details that I can present within their personality and appearance, as well as their character.

A: Do you have a preference or original or fankids?

K: I need to feel inspired to draw my original stuff, but with fankids and fan art, it brings me a sense of joy while drawing it. It needs to be planned out from synopsis, background story, research and my own mind.

A: So each of the characters has a very detailed background before you actually start? K: Yes. Here is an example...

A: How many characters do you think you have created over time and do you continue their stories?

K: Quite a few characters; a few I abandoned due to mental health and person problems that caused me to loose the spark to continue their stories.

A: Any favourites?

K: My favourite fankid/fan art would have to be Amzi and Adelpha, fankids coming from the Owl House series that I like. And original wise, probably Mirielle at the top there.

A: Do you think you'll ever go back to stories?

K: For the ones I’m planning currently, probably not as I designed them for drawing and a sense of originality. I attempted graphic novels/comics when I was a kid and when I started digital art, but it didn’t turn out so well! But I might be able to, it just might take a while for me to learn that skill.

A: Do you have any ambitions to perhaps put your characters on merchandise such as t shirts and hats etc?

K: Yes because I’m currently looking at starting a red bubble account as I was locked out of my previous one! But now I have more time to tend to it, now that I’ve finished school.

A: Big question; if a publisher came along and offered thousands of pounds for your work or wanted to turn the characters into a Saturday morning cartoon, would you allow them to create stories or are the characters too personal to you?

K: I would allow them to, as being able to see my characters being brought into ‘reality’ and being able to physically see the adventures and relationships they have with each other would be amazing, and to see the connection and impact they have with other cartoon lovers A: But what if they wanted to "kill off" one of the characters... K: ...I’d deal with the pain inside and I’d mourn them as if they were real and draw it out!

A: Imagine that a studio wanted to turn your characters into a cartoon. Who would you like to do the voice of Mirielle or even better, if it was a live action film, any ideas which actor could play her? Or have you never thought that far ahead yet? K: I sometimes imagine what her voice would sound like and I have her appearance in my head. Her voice would probably be similar to Chloë Grace Mortez, sweet but can be threatening at times! A: Thanks for your time, Kyra and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours!

Kyra hopes to go to college and is currently raising money for the equipment she will need. If you want an original piece from Kyra, she is taking paid commissions so please get in touch either through Kyra's Instagram or Attic if you would like to help this talented girl chase her dreams.

Kyra's Store (Coming Soon)

All illustrations copyright kyunrealisticallyrealistic 2021


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