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the Lürxx

A Nature Warrior Rock band with roots in the Hollywood glam punk scene (currently based in Hampshire, UK), the Lürxx are a nucleus of two artists, Xavi (vocals, guitars, bass) & Sabú (recorders, lead guitar, bass) who have been together and making music together ever since they were 13 years old.
They hit the Sunset Strip with the Lürxx in 1996 at 18 years old, living on the streets, emulating the tough life and rock'n'roll hardship of their heroes. In the year 2000, after years of working as professional musicians, they felt the need for different input - as high school drop-outs, they went back to school and ended up studying Classics.
Vocalist and guitarist Xavi then went on to study environmental sciences and is now working with a focus on integrating the arts into the climate crisis discourse to enable people to connect on a more emotional level to nature.
In 2020, now based in the UK, they got back together as a band with original drummer Joe and are once again ready to take on the world! With unusual and relevant lyrics, amazing hooks, rocking recorders (!!) and an experimental mindset they create a positive and powerful soundtrack to the revolution that we need to save our planet!


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