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The power of music is often underappreciated

Music. An often-imperceivable force of passion, that radiates unity and tangible joy. Whilst it is commonplace in our day and age for music to be played out in the streets, from the suburbs to the high-rise, to the wealthy and the poor, it is seldom acknowledged by the public. People may hear a busker, spare some change and be on their way, not indulging any further into the music. Now, that is not to say ignoring music is wrong, everyone has their own tastes and daily routines to commit to, but I believe that if more people scrutinised music, they would be surprised at the unity and calm it evokes. On a more personal level, I recall in the football Euros, which concluded last Sunday, the amount of unity and joy one song sparked in millions of strangers, who had only happened to be in the presence of one another due to the match. Additionally, A recent study conducted by government scientists found that music evokes at least 13 emotions, which proves how many of these 13 are not fully expressed. I hope I have helped bring to the light the negligence of music, and perhaps convinced you to feel similarly to me about it. Thank you.



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