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We should embrace technology as opposed to being afraid of it.

Technology. The figurehead of how far human society has evolved, and certainly something worth marvelling at. In today’s modern society, people bear witness to how defibrillators take the mantle of death to reverse its effects, and how chemical concoctions nullify the lethality of disease, but some chose to only acknowledge the vulgarities it has brought about, like firearms and bombs. Whilst I understand these weapons were an inadvertent result of technological advancement, they were commissioned by war-mongering people, not the heroic doctors that save lives daily. Additionally, Without the mandatory tuberculosis vaccine we all receive at birth, the disease may well still be running rampant, so we have technology and doctors to thank for our lives. A very recent study conducted by HMS Government proves the new COVID-19 vaccine has 50% efficacy in 1 dose and 98% efficacy in 2 doses, which is near 100% defence to a highly contagious and lethal pathogen. I hope this report has changed some of your views on modern technology to a more positive one, and that you will share this with acquaintances and friends. Thank you.



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