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If you've listened to "Toot on Tuesday" with SJ on....well.....Tuesdays from 12-2 then firstly, you're a legend for doing so.

If not, then I'll refrain, for now, from telling you off but you may wonder what "Toot" means....

Is it the word to describe your leftovers at dinner? No!

Is it the slang for someone incapable of using Twitter? No, but it could be!

It's ACTUALLY a fab new Facebook community for performers, charities and projects. During the lockdown many performers were turning more often to online performances to showcase their talent. Toot began to help to share these wonderful performances, making sure the entertainment industry wasn't left behind.

Toot also served as a bit of assistance with mental health; something we could all do with from time to time. With our fantastic Soulful Sunday we show ways to relax, recharge and revaluate.

We've also hosted and will continue to host fantastic exclusives. These include Jim Stokoe the incredible one Man's Band (check out his interview with Darren!) performing classics, ska, reggae, the A-Z of music and musical bingo to name but a few! And the hilarious "Name That Tune" via the Kazoo which if you haven't experienced, quite frankly, you haven't lived.

The best way to experience TOOT is to have a look at our Facebook page where we will be posting any news or performances.

Toot is so grateful to ATTIC for the incredible support and Tag Team Style-ee that we have created.




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