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You may know them well but, as a resumé, Engines Made From Soup are a 3-piece band originally from Merseyside, England but are now spread across the UK in Fife, Cheshire and North London. They released their album 'Again' in November 2020, the single ‘Ceremony’ in April 2021 and single ‘Dig’ in August 2021.

They are:

Gareth Cross - Lead Vocals

Gareth Evans - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Stephen Spencer - Guitars

From their bio...

"The single is called ‘Take 2’ which captures the excitement of meeting someone new and the highs of those first few encounters that leave you wanting more. ‘Take 2’ deliberately sets itself in a dance/disco vibe, drawing listeners back to dance club settings where relationships with new friends often begin. The guitars and piano are trademark features of Engines Made From Soup. The rich lead vocals are, this time, supplemented by clever backing vocals that amplify the sexy feel of this song. A dance classic!"


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