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We have been fans of the Petal Falls as one of the first unsigned bands to feature in our #behindtheunsigned mission.

A new album is just around the corner and is a gorgeous collection of tunes to lift, examine and dissect the human condition and the emotions that come with it.

Deep yet lively, layered yet simple, we highly recommend adding it here.

Their powerful vocals and catchy riffs delivered with the bombast of an 80s pop-rock anthem yet infused with a mid 90s indie/folk sweetness puts a smile on your face as well as a thought in your mind and a feeling in your heart.

Just lovely!

"Workin All Night, Workin All Day" is deep yet lively, layered yet simple, and is released soon!

You can still pick up "All These Years" in the meantime and you won't regret it.


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