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Of the Sun and the Moon is an Italian female-fronted metal rock band from Mortara (Pavia), born in 2010, and it’s composed of Lory De Lorean on vocals, and John Lorena on guitars, bass, keyboards, programming. John also writes and produces their songs.

After seven years of recording silence, Of the Sun and the Moon decided to re-join forces, and create and record brand new material. The first track considered, revised and corrected was 'Everlasting Warrior' which became 'Everlasting War'.

It took four months (Dec 2020/Apr 2021) of hard work to complete 'Everlasting War' which was much more stripped back before it naturally evolved into its current form. The track, whose lyrics compare life to an eternal battlefield, is a 'hybrid', rich in epic atmospheres, dramatic vibes, melodies, as well as biting grit and energy. In terms of sounds, it’s a mix of '80s riffs and guitars, electronica and indie/alternative stuff.

Lory and John are now working on two new original singles "Sad The Rain" & "Oblivion"


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