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Ireland's Paul Callan has been a busy musician this year and, these latest three tracks he sent us will make the total 13!

"This year I have been putting out one song every month. These can now be found wherever you like to listen to music. All of these songs will be released early next year as an album. All work emanates from my one roomed cabin in the deepest darkest woods of Ireland's north east."


"This is a short documentary on some of the many ways in which you can crash land on love's dirt road from falling in love to falling flat on your backside.

It is truly an indie song as it is packed with melody and is also short and sweet. The sound is a result of all of the beautiful guitars and vocal melodies that have poured into me. The very essence of a pop song with the most beautiful raw edge!"


"See The World" was released Dec 18th and is just a reminder to lift your head and look around. Everything you need is right under your nose! A simple song with a simple message for any time of the year."


"Heavy on the riff but not heavy on the distorted guitars "Another Night" is about procrastination. The joy of the middle finger! Yes there is lots to attend to and the world is falling apart but... let's leave it for another night!

Twitter @jimidemonet


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