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"My musical career started out when The Suicidal Dufflecoats came into being. Many songs were created, many fights occurred but nothing got released. The Return of the Suicidal Dufflecoats were formed with no change, one battle of the bands competition resulting in a win but the band broke up before the next round."

Paul Dillon aka pMad continued writing lyrics, piecing sounds together, the multi instrumentalist put together possibly over 100 tunes of which the dream of releasing any ever came to fruition!

Covid-19 strikes and Paul sets up 'The Best of Irish Indie' on Facebook which through the pandemic created many polls that enabled followers to vote for 'The Best Irish Indie Album', The Best Irish Indie Single' and 'The Best Irish Indie Debut Single'.

The pandemic gave Paul the time to really put his head down and concentrate on actually getting music released. The 100 or more tunes have been whittled down to 20 or so, of which some will still not make the cut.

8 tunes, one extended mix & a few remixes have been finalised, mixed and mastered and ready for release in 2021, 'Who Am I', 'Medicine', 'Broke', 'Horror' and more.



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