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'Somewhere Nowhere' is the latest single from indie-rock solo artist Saturn Saturn Saturn (aka Liverpool, UK-based Ben Capper) - out on all streaming platforms on Monday 8th November 2021.

Following on from the massive global indie radio airplay of 'The State We’re In' and 'We’ll Go Again', 'Somewhere Nowhere' is a catchy if darker song about doubt, and feeling of being lost in a world beset with misinformation.

When events beyond our control in our very online world are bad and scary, our natural reaction can be performative anger. But does this actually achieve anything? But by doing and saying nothing, do we make ourselves complicit? By not knowing how to react, we end up in a strange place of impotent anger; in other words: Somewhere, but also Nowhere.

Taking in power pop influences such as Teenage Fanclub and Big Star, 'Somewhere Nowhere' also draws upon the discordant and melancholic approach of the likes of Interpol, Deep Sea Diver and Girls Against Boys to create something melodic, powerful and perfectly attuned to these confusing, challenging times we’ve living through.

Somewhere Nowhere is available on all streaming platforms from 8th November. An exclusive 2-track version is also available on Saturn Saturn Saturn’s Bandcamp page:

Saturn Saturn Saturn - Links

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