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Liverpool’s Saturn Saturn Saturn bring in the new year with a little jaded hope and their usual customary anthemic indie-rock bombast on new single 'Maybe Someday'. In a world of political double-speak and dirty double-dealing, the song is a plaintive cry for honesty and accountability.

(The song is) "hoping for a day when we collectively remember what's important to us, and actually live and make decisions based on things that we always say are important to us - like honesty, integrity and tolerance."

Following up a string of globally supported singles 'The State We’re In' and 'We’ll Go Again' & 'Somewhere Nowhere', the song serves up singer-songwriter Ben Capper’s usual stew of 90’s melodic guitar pop influences: Teenage Fanclub, Big Star, My Bloody Valentine and a dash of THE BOSS to boot - mixed up with some ‘alien’ influences, such as David Bowie and (whisper it…) U2, from the guest backing vocals, provided by Quickfix Recordings labelmate and indie music stalwart Lee Christian.

Saturn Saturn Saturn have been featured on Attic before and we hope that their star continues to rise as we think they are awesome!


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