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The Bad Somethings were formed in 2017 by Rob Richardson & David Barker.

Having previously played together in HEAVENS SAKE, (a regional, Southeastern

USA hard rock band that lasted from 1995-2002) Rob & David decided to get

back together as a duo to write and record some new original material. The Bad

Somethings are mostly considered a recording project, but will do an occasional

“live” show if the situation arises.

Rob and David originally dabbled in using the stage names: (Kenny Richie/Leo

Davidson) early on in the TBS formation…but that idea was quickly dropped. The

Bad Somethings released their debut LP (The Bad Somethings) in 2018.

Influenced by various seventies and eighties bands, TBS are keen to stay focused

on writing classic hard rock/power pop style music. Not worried about being

overly trendy or modern, TBS enjoys their retro style and vintage vibe!





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