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Oxford based electronic act The Subtheory bring some serious retro vibes with a synth led body of instrumental work that takes elements of dub-step, house, 80s soundtracks and gorgeous analogue strings and layers and gives them a fresh jacket. This latest single, AGITA, builds on their synth heavy sound of previous releases; IMPACT and FADER and marks a progression with harder beats and vocal glitches influenced by Floating Points, Ritval Consoles and Throwing Snow.

The track builds, adding layers upon layers of skittering drums, synths and samples before breaking down in the middle section providing a spacey respite then slamming back into the crescendo of the denouement.

Agita is a Sicilian/Neapolitan slang term for stress induced indigestion usually caused by someone interfering in other people’s business. Bandcamp are supporting this release and will be featuring it in their new and notable section on release day. In addition to writing their own music, The Subtheory has just scored the documentary series on Protest in Sport; DEFIANCE by Olympic Gold medalist, Michael Johnson.

In the meantime, here is the official video for their last track, Fader.

The release will be available from as well as streaming sites from Jan 10th 2022.


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