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Why it's called "VINO'S SOUL KITCHEN"

It's a mixture of thoughts,daily lifestyle,loneliness,turmoil,these's are actual facts of what people go through so no its not a cooking thingy...

its a mixture of everything we face put together to help each of us...

What people are facing today is a different kind of torture,we facing a pandemic that's killing millions of people "no age restrictions " its like a war we facing and we not even aware of the level of destruction we are in,we think we're all in this together but we all are not in this together

We not even close some of them are risking there lives,some are missing there families,some are sacrificing everything (and why) so other people can just find ways to hurt each other...

Kidnapping,hijacking,committing murder,rape,all this during a pandemic ,

Don't get me getting started on all those people partying without mask,

Yet some people spend there whole day just getting by it standing,there's always something but you have find ways to deal with that somethings,you try to get ahead of everything,you can't get ahead of everything ...its too much stress,you know what's crazy you have to get up and act like there's nothing happening,because we have to eat and have a roof over our head,even in a pandemic there's no stopping,there's no repeat,everyone has to fend for stop judging and stop condemning and let's start making this world worth living...let it be one bright and beautiful rainbow nation...

Bringing hope to the hopeless,love to the ones that never been loved,help to those that are helpless and vulnerable


Stay safe


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Steven Campbell
Steven Campbell
Jun 03, 2021

Well said

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