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Added things on top of the pandemic we dealing with...Its a natural progression in any profession "the student should become the teacher the mentee to become the mentor "its not that much difference from parenting we learn from our ancestors how to make the perfect soup or to sooth an aching head or heart...

We measure milestones and first steps to try and get insight into the person they'll grow into. As if knowing a bunch of numbers on charts are any true measure of what we might make of ourselves .(You want change but you) powerless carries no influence but it carries a whole lot of baggage, money becomes a burden very pretty quickly everybody knows you have it so they expect you to be responsible to fix everything,almost no one seems to get it.certainly not when its synonymously imaginable.

Have you been ever told "you a stain on the family name "selfish,conclusive,lazy.(complete joke right) you just carry on being obviously happy even if you living an obviously medium life...don't try to be cagy if you can't step up or into your own" but always remember you can take control over your own life's decisions" it's really therapeutic to keep your mind occupied with good vibes,be in your happy bubble, build a different life for yourself ,just be happy with you and not live to please everyone else...never allow anyone to put words into your mouth,

flow with it and believe me it's kinda of like a rythmn it keeps the beat going...even if you didn't end up being the child your parents wanted (you choose to not be what the role required and it's ok) you can't seem to see change coming from the foundation "families, parents,relationships, work,life at large" like its a bureaucracy... It's your life you write your own story...Dont let your surroundings or your situations make you think less...broaden your horizon and spread your wings (its time you fly)


Stay safe



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