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Finally reached my 100 blog... was so skeptical about what to really focus on...

Then it hit me ( why not just dedicate this blog to the amazing MR DARREN JAMES) . I'm writing with such a grateful heart💙; this incredible man "darren" has given me his platform to share my thoughts for the day ... when he approached me to do a blog for attic radio🙈I was soo nervous, double minded and scared. Darren encouraged me to go for it ,he will walk me through every step , he said he's got my back ...

Writing my own thoughts was my experience,I wrote at my own pace and it was my mistake to make, if I erred or made a mistake ,it was on me ...and writing for a blog that was huge and scary...if I erred or made a mistake ,I would be the laughing stock ... Darren being the kind hearted human being reassured me that it was OK to make a mistake ,he would be there to correct me . It took him hours one day to help me get started definitely wasn't an easy process . There was so much to learn and remember, my amazing mentor was the most humble and gentle teacher !!!

We were battling to come up with a name ...I remember saying D you choose a name I can't (Darren is like Vino this is your blog you do it). We still agreed to disagree who keeps the name... I have this unique and subtle way of twisting Darren's arm ...finally he said ok let's call it "VINO'S SOUL KITCHEN " . Then I said to him (VINO'S SOUL KITCHEN )...

Oh gosh D everyone's gonna think I'm doing a cooking my amazement that's exactly what people thought. But Darren said to me Vino it's soul thoughts for the body and mind,your experiences is going to help someone out there...

So I started to write for attic ...everytime I wrote I would send it to Darren to read and post ...not once did this kind hearted soul ever say to me ,enough vino you need to read ,correct and post it yourself . Though he had his hands full, being a first time owner of a radio station is like having a needed all his attention and dedication.

A time or two he said to me tough I'm stressed ,I'm not getting enough sleep ...I need more presenters more patrons...attic needed all of Darren and I was just adding to his stress ...He didn't have enough time for himself or his son ,but not once did he turn me down when I shouted out for his help !!!

This phenomenal individual had his hands to full capacity but still found the time to (help me through my post) ...

I will be ever so grateful to you Darren saw in me what I stopped looking believed I could do it and yes I proved you right. I have a broad mind to visualize stories and turn a conversation with someone into one of my blogs...give me a pen and paper and I'll give you a damn good story...guess I was into writing from way back in school...if anyone needed to write a love letter, or an essay they would come to me... As years passed my family all came to me to write a speech ,be it for a wedding or an event...even wrote countless obituaries ... I have this passion to express myself through my writing !!!


Stay safe


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