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There are some disasters you just don't see coming... No matter how carefully you plan,a little surprise can change everything, we can call it a complication but in life it's a catastrophe, we call it a disruption, a glitch, a nasty surprise, it calls for extreme measures, we have to react quickly, try to catch up, coz it comes out of nowhere, and it can take everything away, there are moments in life where everything goes to hell ...

No matter how much you face, how much you seen, how ready you are, how much help you have, nothing can truly prepare you... You have to keep going on or else your inner being will die, trouble is in these moments every instinct in your body tells you to freeze... We are forced to acknowledge that certain kind of magic exist, and that history, and memories and ghost of our past are sometimes just as tangible as anything we hold on too ...

The most amazing thing is you take all that pain, all that loss, and you turn it into "DRIVE"drive to safe yourself to make things better, and despite all that you lost you continue to find joy in your life, you share that joy through your spirit of discovery, of hope, of possibilities right in the face of catastrophe ....what do we do when instinct tells us to freeze,decisions made in the heat of the moment can ruin a whole lot of lives ...


Stay safe



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