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It's been a rough couple of months ,weeks and days !!!

Do you ever feel like a spectator; watching your own life pass you by, wondering what the point of it all is ?

Sometimes it's difficult to see the point of it all until long after. When things started to fall apart in my life ,it changed everything; I lost my purpose.

I have more (off buttons) now than i ever did before !!!

If you wanna achieve something in life first you gotta go through the toughest process.There is no greater agony than the untold story inside you ...Yesterday's problems are not today's concern is all about being courageous and fearless. All we got to do is focus ,there's so much going on ; i just block all the noise around me .

Put on my earphones and dance to my tunes !!!

I truly appreciate the quietness ,above all I appreciate the people checking up on me. I appreciate the quick messages,

I appreciate those who ask me if I'm okay... I appreciate every single person in my life who tries to brighten up my days. For me it's the littlest things that matters the most !!!


Stay safe



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