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Been through hell and back more than once (actually its more like countless times) I had to bust my ass for everything I wanted... when I think about the life I wanted for's simple; not a big house, not a huge bank balance "cos with money comes endless problems " #moneytherootofallevil

Don't ever let anybody ever take advantage of you ,make you feel less inadequate or worthy. Your dignity and your self-esteem are the only things you can count on; everything else is fragile. Live for yourself , people hide weird things in their life...I could list them all year (cos I'm guilty) but instead here's what I'll confess. It's hard not to want better things for your life ...

• This better life that you ache for may look so easy ,so pleasant !!!

• But the truth is despite being wealthy and living in dream house (fantasy) with marble baths , breathtaking views , people's lives are still lacking. All that long hallways and walk in closets are hiding places ,all that mirrors just shows you your loneliness. When I think about all the glitz and glamour, I see myself as losing myself in it !!!


Stay safe



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