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Sometimes you just gotta let things be... It's good to not know certain things, it's also good to not talk about a thing or two, there's stuff that I didn't wanna know for a long time, what changed me mind?. I realized that not knowing isn't going to change anything, it makes you feel like you in control but honestly you not, I believe what ever is going to happen will happen no matter what !!!

Things are not always what they appear to be, there's always an indicator of something bigger going on deep underneath...symptoms, red flags, warning signs... Things we should pay attention too, things we shouldn't ever ignore, things that are bad, things that could really hurt us, some things might just be too late to fix... There's this thing I do "take things apart and then start to put it back together piece by piece" but inevitably there's always a piece left over ; it's something I don't know what to quiet do with, so what do you do with that piece? I try to fit it back in, i try to make it work, or i decide whether i can live without that missing piece !!!

Sometimes you feel like you wasting your time when actually you close to the finish line, it's tedious it takes patience & concentration... Keep going don't stop, it's so important to remind ourselves to remember just because we can live without something doesn't mean me have too,


Stay safe



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