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God put that big brown eyes infront of my head for a reason,look forward in life ,turn the next corner and meet my future head on ... I am made of strong stuff with a big heart ; I also have a soft spot for lost causes. It's easy to love from afar ; but building a life putting your heart on the line every single day !

Takes courage ; boldness and honesty .

Sometimes love just isn't enough ; it merely leaves you powerless !!!

I'm not gonna tell you it gets easier or you'll feel stronger "every individual deals differently with different situations" . Some can cope whilst other crash ; (sad as it seems it's life)...

Believe it or not I am not ashamed of my scars ,I don't have no regrets (it was definitely a scary lesson to learn)" . I were my scars with pride" ; I am proud of myself ( I fought till I broke free). I didn't always feel like that , I use to act like I didn't care even though I did ,just to get through the day

Then at some point I realized that I wasn't acting anymore ,I didn't care and you know what (nobody else did either ) !!!

I always felt frighten and powerless ,

and that is completely natural. If you remember you are more than just skin on your body ; so stop letting anyone or anything (big or small) define you ; then you'll find it quite simple that you too won't anymore ...


Stay safe



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