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The law of attraction ... you know when you know !!! Some people have a hard time letting love in : some people are built for love ; some people are searching ...searching for someone to love them in the way they deserve .

I can't help but wonder what went wrong ; what happened between us.

It's hard when someone who was once so close is now a stranger, I don't know were we lost our way or how we fell apart. The pieces of my heart shattered when we drifted apart , the connection we had was powerful and your love seemed so strong; I thought nothing could ever tear us apart (how wrong i was) !!!

I don't know what emotions I felt first...

Regrets , sadness , anger ,so many visceral emotions washed over me about us . It felt like I lost a part of myself along the way ; we just became strangers ; I don't see that person I once loved behind your eyes

I once held your heart in my hands and your soul whispered to mind every day. I don't think I know you anymore ; our love just dissipated into so very little...almost an apathy that tears my heart in two !!!

How did we go from lovers to strangers ? I still close my eyes and try to hold the memories of the good times ,

I exhale forcibly and fight to hold myself together... it takes every ounce of strength I have not to break down in tears . It makes me sad ; memories are all that I have of us ; everything else seems meaningless . I don't know what tomorrow will bring , it's sad that my happy thoughts come from the past now , I'll just have to move on ; today I'm going to start living for myself ...

I'm taking back my magic , my life and my happiness ... its all gonna happen "one day; one smile and one dream at a time " !!!


Stay safe



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