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My heart is gold,not gold plated,my soul is deep not shallow. I may be a handful and a bit of a mess sometimes...but I'm always real ,loyal and the kind of person who will always have your back. I spend my time and energy being kind ,loving and respectful. I'm also saucy ,sassy and colorful...that's too much for some people . I'm not a people's pleaser cos the only opinion that matters is my own !!!

I'll keep being the best person I am ,with character and dignity, keep working to improve myself . The world has plenty of fake people following the crowd; pretending to be something they will never be; for reasons that don't matter. Maybe I'm flawed ,maybe I'm a mess at times ,but I'm always true to who I am ; and I'm real to the people I meet !!!

Everyone knows what they like and my spicy isn't always a popular reference...

"That's OK with me ". I'm at a point where I don't care if people like me anymore . If they like me "cool"...

If they don't "okay"...I'll be fine either way . I stopped trying to be anyone's favorite flavor a long time ago !!!

My happiness ,my self respect and my self love are more valuable to me than any amount of approval will ever be ...

They don't know me and most will never ; they can keep their need to approve ; accept and judge who I am ...

What they think will never change who I am !!!


Stay safe


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