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Life's daily requirements :Hydrate, eat ,walk, have fun repeat...We look and analyze ourselves within ranges"the highs and lows",ratio we fall in and out within the range most of the time...

But it's imperfect because if history has shown us anything (one's person normal is another person's choas).Its a lot to take in, NO PRESSURE RIGHT and tears often have anxiety .We don't allow fatigue brain fog,restlessness to plague us,this all seems irrelevant and boring but through your daily requirements you could be getting along just fine,It seems terrifying road to recovery (long painful and boring) but one thing it can't do is "do the work for you so yes get up take a walk ,Hydrate,eat,have fun even when you don't feel like it).Stand on your feet and take back your life...Take a break even when you emotionally drained out and feel like life just ran you a marathon

Stop hovering in self pity it will only lead to self destruction.Remind yourself you a "Rockstar " You do know that different parts of the brain process different things right (facial relationships, emotions,and for most its music) So program your brain every morning or every second to keep the beat and go on pumping in the good positive vibes #goodvibrations

Whatever we have survived,how big or small we are all miracles,whether it's a loss or an illness, abuse ,break up,doesn't really matter we still standing and we came through it "Victorously".It may have left an scar or maybe emptiness, brokenness it's still a valid reason to look at the brighter side (it may have broken you left you with unanswered questions )but the beauty is you alive you now get to move pass the hurt and rejection, you get to see the sun shining again maybe not on full ray but it's a start to a better more focused beautiful journey worth pursuing...


Stay safe



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