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When people look at me, they see what I want them to see...I always seem happy go lucky without a care in the world,but that's not who I am at all. I fight back all my feelings that the world would not approve off,because my happiness is more important to me. I keep my guard up at all times ,protecting my sanity ...

My walls are high (it's there to see who looks to see past them) the ones who actually put forth the effort " their are my people" the one's I love to the moon and back !!!

I'd rather have a handful of close friends , than countless acquaintances...

I'm not for everyone, and rightfully so.

I don't wear my emotions on my sleeve,

done that and ended up with a broken-heart. I'm done sharing myself with the world and hoping they understand me .

Those intimate parts of my heart and soul that means most to me...those are the depths I share only with my loved ones . They've earned my trust and loyality through who they are (my chosen people) !!!

So when you look at me and assume I don't feel anything because of my steely facade, think again...

I'm the most passionate and emotional person most will ever meet; but I choose to share that part of myself with a selective few ...because that side of me is precious and fragile . Just because I'm not crying doesn't mean I'm not hurting or that I don't pillow is soaking in unseen tears !!!

I'm real ,I'm authentic and most importantly I'm passionately loyal.

If anyone has the patience and desire to look past my eyes and see my truth...

You'll find that I'm one of the most extraordinary person you've ever met...

I'm worth everything and much more .

A woman who is okay with being alone is a powerful woman...that woman is who I have become !!!


Stay safe



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