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We are often let down the most trusted people and loved by the most unexpected ones. Some make us cry for things that we haven't done; while others ignore our faults and just see our smile. Some leave us when we need them the most ,while some stay with us even when we ask them to leave ...the world is a mixture of people ,we just need to know which hand to shake and which hand to hold...after all that's life ,

learning to hold on and learning to let go !!!

I don't trust anyone anymore : the ones

I thought would never turn on me (turned on me

The one I thought would never hurt me (hurt me). The one I thought would never leave (left)...

So therefore you can tell me the sky is blue and I'll still go outside to check !!!

A woman can be in the worst position possible and the only words you'll hear from her is "I'll figure it out"...and I promise you she will find a way .

She might have some breakdowns but she always gets through it; to all the woman out there "your hard work doesn't go unnoticed, keep striving "!!!


Stay safe



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