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I stopped running away from my negative emotions; I stopped running away from my feelings. I stopped pretending like I got it all together; I started accepting that I felt messed up .

I let myself breakdown to get ready for a breakthrough; sometimes when you are always focusing on being positive ...

You are avoiding the pain that makes you stronger !!!

When we take responsibilities for our thoughts and actions ; amazing things

in life begin to unfold. Not only do we accept who we are ; but a new person begins to bloom ,dreams starts to create , and goals starts to be accomplished...there's a difference between a person who hurts you by making a mistake ; and a person who hurts you by continuing a pattern ...

Mistakes can be forgiven ...patterns should be broken !!!

[ ] Someone asked me ...what is my weakness??? "I'm sensitive smallest things hurt me". What is my strength ??? "Little things make me happy"

Some of you are so used to your own nature, you don't realize how amazing you really are . The way you make people laugh; lift others ,encourage them to be stronger than there fears...

You do this even though you are struggling too. May the universe protecg you and sadness forget you!!!



Stay safe


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