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Some stars shine brighter than others...I'm just one star ,in an infinite galaxy . Always thinking that the odds was not in my favor; until recently I discovered "I gotta make things happen"

I can not really describe what I'm trying to say (but I guessing yall understand)...

I just keep thinking life is always pushing me into another direction; it's like there's something bigger out there for me ; something I would never choose for myself . But to be honest I am soo scared !!!

I have to believe that there is a reason ,we go through a difficult, narrow ,dark path ...eventually leading to a rare of sunshine, a light at the end of a monstrous scary chapter of life.

I realized it doesn't stay dark and gloomy forever...i tell myself everyday that I'm not gonna be trapped in this web of apathy and dissapointments !!!

[ ] If writing my darkest inner most thoughts ,feelings and experiences ,can help just one person or if just one person's life can change with what I go through ; it will all be worth it !!! I'm not the only one hurting ...

I've passed through the storms of my former life...and now I'm on the other side "receiving end "... I fought damn hard and saved myself . I didn't understand why a good person like me had to experience so much bad stuff; I don't have all the answers to my questions. But i do know this that my life is not full and inspired by my dissapointments , it's full because of them... I GOT THIS


Stay safe



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