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I am at a phase in my life where no matter how bad you do me're ain't going to have me trippin or get into my feelings enough to effect my mood or energy . I will cut you off ; pick myself up ; and carry stronger than than the negative force you tried to throw at me . You learn who you are by unlearning who they taught you to be !!!

A massive shout out to everyone who is trying right now...trying to do the right thing; trying to keep going; trying to hold on; trying to let go; trying to find their flow; trying to stay afloat . Trying to meet each new say ; trying to find their balance; trying to love themselves ; trying new things and new ways ...yall got this !!!

Master yourself...take back what is yours; you have a choice to decide what you give your mental and emotional energy too. You decide to tune in and allow it to live within you when you can just be an observer of situations that test your patience !!!

You might be working on yourself and evolving past the dramas that once pulled you in. There's certain situations

that return to test your evolution, but it's not about anyone else ...its about how much you have worked on yourself and how much it no longer effects you !!!


Stay safe



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