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I have this kinda tough look on my face ... people who don't know me may thing I'm a toughy,like i got it all together kinda look...But it's all just an illusion "a make believe look "; I'm the most emotional drama queen you have ever met. I'm so emotional that if you cry ;I'd cry...if I saw an undertaker carrying a corpse; I'd cry .If someone hurts my feelings; I'd cry; if I hear a sad song I'd cry . Guess it's just me a toughy on the outside but softy on the inside !!!

Today I saw my daughter's crying over their dad broke my heart to see them cry . My kids dad is very ill he had a biopsy done and had to see an oncologists . My mind is saying "KARMA IS A BITCH"...But my heart says something else; I felt the pain my kids where going through so deep...

As much as I hated ...ooops hate is a rather harsh word ,I'd say dislike him!!!

Nobody deserves to be hated ,even if they are heartless self-centered (arseholes) but i prefer saying jerks.

Nobody deserves to go through a life killing sickness , I watched many people die of long and short chronic illnesses ;

It's the most saddest sight; looking at my girls sad faces brought tears to my eyes...he may be a jerk; a heartless coward

who tortured and abused me most of my married life !!!

This man was is their dad , I couldn't let my emotions or past experiences get in between there relationship with their dad ...then I would also be a heartless inconsiderate messed up jerk (who doesn't practice what I preach)...

As much as I despised there dad wasn't my kids war to fight. I comforted them, and told them to be there for their dad ; he needs them now more than ever before love him and make him as comfort and loved as humanly possible ...that's the kinda person I am.

I don't fight evil with evil ...I just leave it to KARMA !!!


Stay safe



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