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I was told one too many times to (act me age not my shoe size) I could have probably used every single vulgar word that came into my mind at that time,But I realized I am "ME" and I don't need to prove my trade (AUTHENTICITY FOR ANYONE'S APPROVAL), The hell you wanna have a field day going at me I say BRING IT ON ,nothing anyone says will burst my happy bubble....

Too long we allow the opinions of others to put a hault on our happiness, we sacrifice our best and get crap in return, people push you to your full capacity of tolerance and they expect you to be ok with it,I say no to that we are not anyone's punching bag or doormat,Nobody has the right to dictate to you by throwing verbal diarrhea your way .It's time you take the stand and say enough is enough I'm done with all this bullshitting,Take the reins its time you rise and ride on high, you were not designed to be a people's pleaser, if you've been doing it tough luck but it's time to stop .Yes life is going to bring you a whole lot of jealous, cunning, heartless,arrogant, selfish,unkind people ,That's the time you need the most to bring out the warrior inside you ,You might falter for a moment but you don't give up, you reclaim the strength within you and keep going forward pushing even harder than you ever did. Never allow people's judgements hover you (you will end up on a road going nowhere to fast to quick) Build your own world how you want it ,don't chase unwanted persons, chase your passions,chase growth and your own dreams, strive to become better instead of trying to convince someone that you fit in there world or they fit in yours.We all want to be loved and adored in our worst days,but believe me you won't find your happiness trying to take in all the negative vibes that surrounds us daily .

The worst thing you could do is tame the chaos in you.It's like being told not to feel when you walking through the fire...It's time you accept that some humans are shitty and you stop trying to see the good that isn't there. So stop being afraid to lose people rather be afraid of losing yourself by pleasing everyone around you....


Stay safe



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