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Love me for me ...that's all I ask !!!

If you get on-board with me and all my

glorious disasters; so let's go chase some adventures. I didn't know I could get back ,

I didn't even think I wanted to ; then I remembered who I am and what I'm capable of..."I'M A SURVIVOR I'M A FIGHTER

AND I'M A DREAMER"...I've survived the worst of life and i fought for everything I am. I believe in the power of my dreams ,and I'll not rest until I catch them !!!

I'd rather have five great honest friends than a hundred fake circle is tight and my heart is well guarded.

I know my worth and it's not to be shared with everyone. I'm there for anyone I love or who needs me and I accept the same .

I'm not interested in having a lover; one night or luke warm love... I deserved more than that, I don't need someone in my life who's gonna mess it up more than it is...

So if anyone who wants to be in my life should be all the things that matters!


People may call me feisty ; snobbish or sassy ,but that's because they don't understand me . "MY LIFE ,MY LOVE, MY WAY ,MY STYLE"... I don't seek approval and I don't ask for permission.

I stand in my own light and I don't need

to be put put by another's fire to burn brightly. There's alot of days I don't wanna get out of bed, and even more than that I can't get out of my own head .But see ,that's just the thing about me,

I own my beautiful chaos and I know I'm a mess sometimes !!!

That doesn't take away the beautiful person I've fought to become...

I'm real I'm authentic and I'm always going to love hard when there's love to be had...Rain or shine; rise or fall ; I'll always keep my head ; standards and heel high.

I don't have time for anyone's possibly;

maybe or sometimes...

It's taken me a long time to learn to love

myself the way I should, I'm not going to sacrifice that for anyone who doesn't see me for who I am!!!


Stay safe



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